Kids Birthday Party Venue

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It’s party time at Pittwater Sports Centre!

Important Information: PSC Birthday Parties COVID Protocols

FitNastics Birthday Parties


Our gym parties are simply the best! Imagine having a party with the whole gym just for the birthday child and their guests! Fly on the trapeze, jump on the trampolines, play gladiator and survivor in the fun foam filled pit, sack races and much more! No wonder they are so popular! Parties include 90 minutes in the gym with our qualified coaches organizing fun games, gym circuits, relays and fun with the children. Activities are age appropriate with the emphasis on having an amazing time! To assist you, more information and common questions asked, are answered at the bottom of this page

For more information call (02) 9913 7226 

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Ages: 5-12 years
Duration: 2 hours
Cost:  $40pp includes party food
Minimum: 12 children
Days: Saturday / Sunday

Kindygym Birthday Parties



Our Kindy Gym parties will be forming apart of our new Party structure as of July 2020.

1 hr gym fun, with age appropriate games, songs and activities. The gym will be set up as a safe and fascinating environment with trampolines, trapeze, beams, bars, and loads more for the children to jump, swing, hang and have a great time with their friends.

There will be age appropriate games, songs and activities, and loads of opportunities for the children to explore and have fun.

For more information call (02) 9913 7226 

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Age: 20 months – 5 years old (Children under 3 will need a guardian present)
Duration: 1.5 hours
Cost: $30.00 pp includes party food
Minimum: 12 children
Days: Saturday / Sunday

Midweek madness parties for pre-schoolers


A mid-week party lets the prechool children have loads of fun! 45minutes in the gym and then 45 minutes in the SandBucket play centre. We play games, fly on the trapeze, jump on our trampolines, swing on the rings, have sword fights on the beam, and a whole lot more. Allow 30 mins for party food at the end

Midweek parties are subject to availability and run from 12pm.

For more information call (02) 9913 7226 or email

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Age: 2-5 years (Children under 3 will need a guardian present)
Duration: 1.5 hours
Cost: $25 pp includes party food
Minimum: 12 children
Days: Monday – Friday

Pittwater Sports Centre Party FAQs

What is the best party for my child?

As we run different party types, below is a guide to what party type would be most suitable for your child – please allow 30 minutes extra for party food for all parties!


What time must the parties be finished by?

  • Last party food must be 4.30pm Saturdays and 3pm Sundays

Important information for all parties

  • No outside food is to brought into the centre. All party food and platters are supplied by the Cafe.
  • Minimum number of guests charged is 12
  • All parties must be booked in.
  • The maximum number of guests for each party is 35 children
  • You may bring along a birthday cake and/or lolly bags, or we can supply an ice cream cake . Please note we are a NUT FREE CENTRE in the interest of all children.
  • The café supplies plates, cups and serviettes.
  • All parties are catered by our café for all your party food needs.
  • The café can supply sweet or savoury platters for parents. The café requires at least 10 days notice for orders.
  • We do not charge adults for attendance at parties
  • You may organize a tab at the café for any beverages the adults may require.
  • Please arrive no more than 15 mins prior to the scheduled party time.
  • Please put on your invitations start and finish time as we may have parties directly before and after your party and all parties will start at their scheduled start time.

Fitnastic Parties

Can I take photos?

Yes, the birthday child parents are most welcome to enter the gymnastics arena to take photos, please take off shoes before entering.

Where can the parents sit?
We have a viewing area for parents that remain for the party duration

How does a Fitnastics party work?
The gym is set up in a safe and challenging environment so children can swing on the trapeze, jump on the trampolines, play on the gymnastics apparatus, as well as age appropriate games and organised activities.

Is there any other parties on at the same time?
No, for your Fitnastics party the gym arena is for your exclusive use.

What happens if a sibling comes along and wants to join the party?
Any extras such as siblings will be added to the guests list and you will be expected to pay for them.

Are older siblings allowed to join in?
We do not allow children over 12 or any adults to use the equipment during birthday parties for safety reasons.

Will I supply a guest list?
Yes, bring a guest list on the day and when each child arrives we will issue a coloured wristband. No wristband = No play.


How long before a party should I book?
We recommend approximately 4 – 6 weeks before your selected date. This time frame will give you more availability to choose the time that suits you better.

How many should I book for if I don’t know how many will attend?
Book for the number of children you are intending to invite

How do I book a party?
By filling in the booking form

Do you supply invitations?
Yes we will provide you with an E-invitation template complete with waiver, alternatively we can supply printed invitations that may be collected from the centre.

Do I need to pay a deposit?
We require a credit card deposit of $100 to secure the booking.

How is the party confirmed?
Once deposit is received and the date is secured you will receive a confirmation email with all the details regarding your child’s party.

When do I need to pay the balance?
The balance and final number of guests is due 10 days before your party, details about how to finalise payment will be in the confirmation email

Do I have to pay for children that don’t attend?
You will have to pay for the children that are confirmed prior to your party. Unfortunately, this means that if children that had confirmed do not attend you will have to pay for them.

Is there a cancellation fee?
If you book and then wish to cancel or change dates you will forfeit your deposit.

Can I change my food choices after I book?
Yes, all changes will have to be made 10 days before party date

Can I order adult platters or extra food after I book?
Yes, 10 days before the party date

Party Menu

Exciting changes to the party menu mean more choices for your party guests! Plus our optional extras make your life easier! When you go to the booking form you will be asked to pick one food choice from the following boxes. Any changes or additions can be made up to 10 days prior to your party date via email to

Box 1

  1. Pineapple & Ham Pizza
  2. Chicken Nuggets
  3. Flathead Fish strips
  4. Assorted Sandwiches( Ham/Cheese, Vegemite, Jam, Honey)

Box 2 

  1. Mini Party Pies
  2. Mini Sausage rolls
  3. Hot Chips
  4. Wedges
  5. Sweet potato chips

Box 3 

  1. Cupcakes
  2. Fruit Kebabs
  3. Mixed lollies

Box 4 

  1. Mini Muffins ( Blueberry/Raspberry)
  2. Jelly Cups with Frog
  3. Fairy bread triangles

Box 5 

  1. Water
  2. Lime Cordial
  3. Orange Cordial
  4. Apple/Blackcurrant Cordial
  5. Lemonade Fizzy


Please select extras you wish to add to your party package:

* Standard ice cream cake (serves up to 15) – $35

* Speciality themed cake (serves up to 15) – POA

* Lolly bags – $6 each

* Organic party treats – $8 each

* Fairy floss bags – $5.50 each

* Nudie juices – $3.50 each

* Gelato cups (assorted colours) – $4.00 each

Please select any adult food platters you would like to add to your package. Each platter serves up to 15 people.

adult platters

* Antipasto platter – $75

* Gourmet cheese platter – $85

* Mixed sandwiches / wrap platter – $75

* Hot platter – $75

* Desert platter – $70

* Fresh fruit platter – $70