Thank you for teaching Zara… when she first started last year she couldn’t even walk. Gymnastics is so so good for little kids development. She’s so strong and climbs confidently on everything. Thank you!!!!

– Rebecca (parent).


Thank you Gai and the team at Kindygym Australia for your great programs. Wynn loves his classes every week and for us it had been great to see improvements in his balance, coordination, spatial awareness, turn taking and patience every term! We love it.
– N. A. Kennedy (parent). 


My son has been participating in the kindygym program at Pittwater Sports Centre for a year now and he loves it! He counts down the days until its on again. The staff are loads of fun and constantly teaching the kids new skills while in a totally safe environment.
–  Bel (parent)


I love jumping in the foam pit .My kindygym teachers are nice.
– Gabe, age 4


My 3 year old daughter loves coming to Kindygym! It’s been fantastic watching her skills and confidence grow over the past two years – from swinging on the rope, rings and trapeze, to balancing on the beam, and jumping from the trampoline into the foam pit. Gai and the girls do a fantastic job!
– Cara (parent)


Kindy gym has been, and still is, such a beneficial experience for my daughter, Makayla. She was late to start crawling and walking and was also a very cautious child. Kindy gym has given her lots of confidence and new skills, which have helped with her development. She has gained a lot of strength, balance and co-ordination during her time at Kindygym. But the best part is how much fun she has!! All the coaches are great with the kids and they all have so much fun, you can see they can’t wait to get in and get started every week. The variety of activities, songs and the amount of space they have to use up energy, make it a highlight of our week! I would definitely recommend Kyndygym for all children.
– Sandy (parent)


Dear Rylee & The KindyGym Team,

We would just like to send a HUGE vote of thanks. Our daughter has been attending KindyGym for the past six months with my mother-in-lawWe have seen her grow in confidence, ability to listen, follow instruction as well as her gross motor skills. She began as a side crawler, however can now crawl properly using cross body skills. She also loves coming home and showing us what she has learnt with many of the songs you share being played and demonstrating her motorbikes, headstands and with the support of us her forward rolls!

We honestly cannot thank you enough for your amazing energy, skill, knowledge, support and engaging program. We look forward to another fun KindyGym term.

Thank you, thank you, thank you

– N. A Thom (parent).