Outdoor Private Lessons

30 Aug

Is your little one missing climbing all over our equipment, running and jumping around or just seeing our faces? Did you know we are offering outdoor Private Lessons throughout this lock down period!

Our private lessons are catered to each participants needs/ wants as well as following a guideline of the child’s current enrolled program (if your child does not attend our gymnastics programs you are still welcome, we are happy to cater for all!). Our outdoor area is a beautifully large artificial grass space behind the PSC building. We bring our equipment outside (wedges, floor beams, mini trampolines, rings, tumble track hand equipment and more for the participants to use!).


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If this is something you are interested in please fill out our expression of interest form and our team will work closely with you to organise the best suited day and time!


If you have any questions please feel free to reach out!

Have a lovely week!

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